Friday, December 14, 2012

The Don K. Reed Doo Wop shop was part of The New York experience & was a New York tradition that will be truly MISSED!!!

As a proud born and raised native New Yorker and an avid MUSIC lover growing up in the GREATEST city in the world meant somethings are just part of a New York tradition which makes New York unique and stand out from all the other cities and just to name a few.

The Status of Liberty, The Empire State building, The new and the old World Trade Center site, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, Trump Tower, Luxury Hotels and apartments, Wall Street, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, China town, Little Italy, The San Gennaro Feast, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, all of the New York sports teams and the thousands of fast food and fine dining restaurants.

However there's nothing more traditional than strolling through the city with a slice of New York style pizza in hand or a Sabrett hot dog with mustard, sauerkraut or onions, or maybe a potato knish or even a large hot soft pretzel with brown mustard from one of the many cities street vendor's food cart's it's the New York way of life  AND I'AM PROUD OF IT!!!!

New York has always been and will always be a place where MUSIC is such a major part of the cities many attraction's day or night from the many street musicians, Harlem Jazz clubs, Broadway plays to the hundreds of night clubs, discotheque's and the many diverse radio stations that set the tone and is the heart beat of the city.

In 2002, after 27 years of being on the air and being part of a New York tradition oldies radio station WCBS 101.1 FM featured The Don K. Reed Doo Wop shop every Sunday Night 7pm. from 1975 - 2002 which became part of my life and The New York experience was pulled of the air by WCBS.
Wikipedia encyclopedia describes Doo - Wop MUSIC as follows - by the late 1950s, Italian street corner doo-wop groups were seen in urban cities like New York, especially in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

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3) - The Passions.

Classic New York Street Corner Doo Wop Acapella Music From Brooklyn's Own My Friend Kenny Vance!!!
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1) - Kenny Vance &  Frankie Lymon's Teenagers.
2) - Kenny Vance - Looking For An Echo.


As a New Yorker the cities multicultural MUSIC scene is a way of life and as a musician and MUSIC lover I strongly believe for WCBS to change its format and cancel The Don K. Reed doo wop show was a BIG mistake.

So many people I know grew up listening to the oldies & Doo-Wop MUSIC on WCBS they were the only radio station that played these classic songs and is a topic that always comes up at family gatherings or with people I bump into from school and the old neighborhood reminiscing about the old songs and groups always makes a great conversation piece.

I strongly and personally blame the radio stations program director's because they kept playing the same 25-30 songs every single day 24/7 obviously they weren't New Yorkers or maybe it was because of copy right issues or watching the bottom line, whatever the reason many people disagree with their decision.

There is without a doubt a high demand and a real market for this type of musical format just look at the recent success of all the oldie shows airing on PBS.

There are more oldie revival groups touring the world and on TV now than ever before and most of these groups and songs are more than 50 years old, and thanks to PBS and radio host formally of WJRZ -FM in Pittsburgh PA now executive producer/director of PBS MUSIC pledge drives Terry James Lubinsky aka TJ Lubinsky for getting this and other types of MUSIC back on the New York City airways.

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Thank you Don K. Reed for touching my life and being part of a New York tradition.

♫ Anthony Figgiani ♫

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                              Showing, written larger than the rest, We the People

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